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"First time ordering last night. I had read so many good things about y'all on the perry township chat fb page and figured we'd give you a try. We were not disappointed!! The Soprano and Spinach Chicken Alfredo were beyond amazing! The customer service was spot on and the time it took to get our food delivered was less time than quoted! No more Papa John's, pizza hut or little Caesar's for my family. From now on pizza night is with y'all!! Best pizza in perry township hands down!!"

Kelley C., Google

"I really enjoy Pizza Junkies pizza and speciality stromboli deluxe is delicious. I have had breadsticks which were pretty good, but cheese sauce was not the best. Pizza has fresh toppings, good tasting sauce and thicker crust is very good. Not had Chicago style or thin crust yet.

D. Ferguson Google

"We decided to try this several months back and now we won’t order from anywhere else. We love their pizza and their service. My husband has been gluten free for a couple of years and their cauliflower crust is delicious. I’ve tasted it elsewhere and thought it was disgusting, but not anymore. We usually order one cauliflower crust pizza and one traditional and have pleased with both. We always have it delivered and the wait is typical-30 to 45 minutes. If you live near the south side and are looking for a new pizza place to try outside if the typical chain-give this place a consideration!"

Dawn., Google

"No other pizza places can even compete with this place. Great food and the staff is wonderful. Highly recommended"

Chris H., Google

"The pizza was absolutely delicious! Not only that but a very friendly staff! I am looking forward to trying different items, they're very creative, I love it!"

Jeremy C. Google

"We were hungry after a long game and we asked the store owner where to go get some good pizza near by and he recommended PizzaJunkiez. My friend and I had never heard of this place before so we decided to give it a try and we were pleasantly surprised. The staff members were all very nice and they got our order taken care of pretty quickly. We ordered a basic cheese pizza and it tasted really great. Honestly the pizza here is better than at a lot of the big name pizza restaurants. The pizza had perfect texture and the garlic sauce is probably THE best garlic sauce I've ever had."

Andrew E., Google

"My friend and I have had their pizza twice now. It's fantastic. I my new pizza and coffee place. It a small place so ordering would be for carryout. Stop in a give them a try for coffee or pizza or both. You won't be disappointed!!"

Ann B., Google