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About Us

About Pizza Junkiez

Our founder created Coffee Junkiez in 2005, and he wanted to take all the lessons he learned in developing a brand, business, and a menu, and apply it to something new. In 2014 Pizza Junkiez was born!

Jasan took all of his knowledge, ideas, and lessons learned from Coffee Junkiez and developed Pizza Junkiez in a test kitchen, in Kokomo Indiana, the City Of Firsts. The menu and custom pizza ideas were an extension of the custom drink menu he created with Coffee Junkiez. In 2015 he combined Pizza Junkiez with Coffee Junkiez in the main operation, on South Washington St in Kokomo, to create a dual-brand under one roof concept.

To further our innovation in both of these industries Jasan brought in over 40 syrup flavors with 20 available in sugar-free and he wanted to offer the same variety in the pizza industry. Pizza Junkiez offers over 50 toppings, 5 style of crust, 10 sauces, and has become known for our over 25 specialty creations. As Jasan’s mom always says “my son makes juicy pizzas”, and that is only to say that our sauces are a REAL part of the flavor profile in our specialty creations.

Kokomo Medium Size Business of the Year!
Voted The Best Pizza in Kokomo!